Kevin Butler makes PS3 gaffe

In what can only be described as one of the worst corporate Twitter faux pas’ of recent times, comedy PlayStation executive-come-marketing character Kevin Butler has accidentally tweeted the PS3’s root key to his 70,000 followers.

The root key is the piece of code that has opened the door to PS3 piracy and caused Sony a terrible headache at the beginning of 2011.

A fellow Twitter user sent a message to Butler containing both the key and the simple statement "Come at me".

Seemingly unaware of what the string of letter and numbers represented, Butler retreated the message along with the comment: "Lemme guess… you sank my Battleship?".

The tweet has now been removed, but was captured prior to its deletion and is currently travelling around the internet.

The author of the original tweet has claimed that he sent the message in retaliation to Sony’s recent subpoenaing of sites such as YouTube and Twitter in an effort to gain identity details of known PS3 hackers.

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