Killzone 3 coming next April?

If all the talk is true, it’s looking as if April 2011 could be one hell of a month for console owners.

1UP claims to have had word that Dutch developer Guerrilla Games is already hard at work on Killzone 3, and that Sony is preparing the title for release next April.

Those of you with an eye on the news may also be aware that reports yesterday suggested that another key franchise is targeting the same month – Microsoft’s Gears of War 3.

If both claims prove to be true, it would provide an epic hardcore stand-off between the rival platforms.

It has also been claimed previously that Killzone 3 will support both Sony’s Move controller and be compatible with the PS3’s upcoming 3D technology.

In a further layer of intrigue, today we reported on Cliff Bleszinski’s admiration of Natal. For those of you who don’t know, he’s the man at the healm of the Gears of War franchise at developer Epic.

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