Killzone: Shadow Fall 1080p lawsuit dismissed

A lawsuit alleging that Sony misrepresented PS4 shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall has been dismissed.

Courthouse News reports that the motion has been dismissed with prejudice”, meaning that further action on the issue cannot be taken. It seems that plaintiff Douglas Ladore and Sony settled out of court, the terms of which have not been disclosed.

Back in December Sony failed in a motion to stop the case going to trial. It was alleged that prior to the Killzone’s release Sony had said that the game’s multiplayer component ran at a native 1080p, although it was later discovered that multiplayer in fact ran at a resolution of 960x1080p, which through a process known as ‘interpolation’ is then expanded to 1080p.

The game’s retail box also listed 1080p as the resolution.

Sony’s argument that the game was not misrepresented was dismissed, as was its claim that games are not goods” and are instead simply delivery mechanisms for licenses.

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