Killzone: Shadow Fall resolution lawsuit given the go-ahead

A lawsuit accusing Sony of misrepresenting the display resolution of PS4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall has been given the nod.

Game Informer reports that Sony has failed in a motion to get all bar one of the claims dismissed’, meaning that while the outcome is yet to be determined the case will be allowed to go to trial.

Prior to the game’s release Sony had said that the game’s multiplayer component ran at a native 1080p, although it was later discovered that multiplayer in fact ran at a resolution of 960x1080p, which through a process known as ‘interpolation’ is then expanded to 1080p.

The game’s retail box also lists 1080p as the resolution.

Sony’s argument that the game was not misrepresented was dismissed, as was its claim that games are not goods” and are instead simply delivery mechanisms for licenses.

News of the lawsuit, which is being raised by the same company behind the legal action directed at Gearbox and Sega for Aliens: Colonial Marines, was announced in August.

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