Killzone Trilogy includes HD remaster of PS2 original

Next month, Sony will release the Killzone Trilogy, a PS3 compilation of the three games from the most successful PlayStation first-party FPS franchise.

While the first game was released on the PS2, the trilogy will feature an HD remaster of that game playable on the PS3 with Trophy support.

Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 will of course be included, but in addition to the base games, the Trilogy will also pack in Killzone 2’s Steel & Titanium, Flash & Thunder, and Napalm & Cordite map packs, as well as Killzone 3’s Steel Rain, Retro, and The Ashes map packs.

The Killzone Trilogy is scheduled for release on 24th October, and we’re waiting to hear back from Sony India on its Indian pricing.

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