Kinect gets augmented reality game

Nintendo fans may be enjoying the augmented reality functions on their new 3DS, but THQ is bringing a similar experience to Kinect owners.

Due on April 15th, the 360-exclusive Fantastic Pets allows gamers to interact with virtual animals via gestures made to the motion-sensing camera.

Unlike rival titles, such as Microsoft’s own Kinectimals, the game does away with virtual environments in favour of real world ones.

Fantastic Pets is the first AR game for Kinect,” THQ’s head of marketing Mich Davis told MCV. The performance of Kinect in the market has been a very positive sign.”

THQ has partnered with Swapit, a popular website that allows users to trade toys, games and gadgets using a virtual currency known as ‘swapits’.

Every copy of Fantastic Pets will include a code for 50 free swapits in the box. Swapit will also run a dedicated microsite based on the game.

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