Kinect launch the industry view

Yves Guillemot – Ubisoft, CEO

The new [motion sensing] machines are very good because they provide a chance for more people to play. Nintendo showed that it could make lots of money and also serve lots of customers, so now everybody wants that part of the cake.
So that’s what we love – it’s not just an investment in this generation, it’s building on the next one, too. The next generation of consoles will automatically use all these motion-sensing innovations and so a lot more people will be able to play with the future consoles.”

Brian Farrell – THQ, CEO

With all respect to Microsoft, Xbox 360 now is very much a core gamer box. And the fact that they are really trying to broaden their audience with Kinect is something we support because once you have got past a certain level you need different consumers, and Kinect should do that. We are a big fan of that. Anything that tries to expand the market for the publisher is perfect.”

Jens Uwe Intat – SVP Europe, Electronic Arts

Kinect is about games that we can’t even imagine today. The real strength will come to bear with titles where you only use your body. Dancing and fitness are excellent examples for launch, because they are genres where you would prefer not to have any devices in your hand. Strategy might even work well – I can easily see you intuitively orchestrating a game with your body. And that new way to look at how you would, for example, direct a football team is going to open new ways to play those games and, again, get new audiences into gaming.”

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