Kinect RRP vs sole hardcore gamers

The boss of indie online retailer ShopTo has told MCV that when stacked up against rival offerings from Sony and Nintendo, Kinect actually represents good value – but it’s a different story when it comes to the single-player hardcore gamer.

If you compare the cost of Kinect to a full set of Wii or Move controllers, you can see that Kinect will work out as the cheaper option,” Igor Cipolletta told MCV. But for the sole, hardcore gamer, it looks a very expensive option as a substitute for a joypad.

That said, Nintendo and Sony allow you to build up your multiplayer options by buying additional Wii Remotes or Move controllers as and when needed, whereas Kinect is a one-off cost.

Also, the RRP may have the unfortunate effect of deterring any impulse buyers.” 

For MCV’s full analysis on the Kinect RRP, click here.

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