Kinect Sports 2, ten new Kinect IPs coming at E3

Microsoft’s E3 presentation next month will be packed to the brim with new Kinect software announcements, it has been claimed.

Eurogamer reports that Rare will unveil Kinect Sports 2. The studio is apparently also working on a second title not associated with any of its existing IP.

In all, the site claims that ten brand new Kinect games will be unveiled in LA, as well as a number of sequels to existing titles. One source claimed that Microsoft’s announcements will "serve the hardcore".

Harmonix’s Dance Central 2 is expected to feature in the line-up, as are two new games from one studio that has previously released a Kinect title. Expect some more details about the mysterious Star Wars Kinect title, which is apparently being developed by Terminal Reality.

Microsoft is also said to be preparing yet another title aimed at younger audiences, as well as something described as featuring "highly experimental gameplay".

It doesn’t stop there, however. Eurogamer says that Microsoft is also working on an open world driving title called Forza World, which is separate to the Kinect-enabled Forza 4.

In addition, an HD remake of Halo: Combat Evolved being developed by TimeShift studio Sabre Interactive will also be shown.

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