Know Your Friends is Ubisoft’s unreleased Wii U game, report claims

The identity of Ubisoft’s completed but unreleased Wii U game has apparently been revealed.

NintendoWorldReport says that Unseen64 has named the title as Know Your Friends. Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot admitted last year that the publisher had a completed game ready to go for Wii U, but that it was holding back on plans to publish it until the machine sold more units.

The game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and was completed early last year. It’s effectively a party quiz game that bears a passing resemblance to ditched Wii title We Dare, albeit in a far toned down, more family-friendly form.

Know Your Friends focuses on social relationships and interactions. One shot in the video below sees players ranking their mates according to who is the most likely to invite the others over to dinner. The faces of players are overlayed onto the paper cut-out style visuals via the GamePad’s camera.

The game could still conceivably be released, although Ubisoft doesn’t currently have any titles pencilled in for release on Nintendo’s system, despite its recent sales uplift. It’s last Wii u release was November’s Watch Dogs, which vanished in the UK without a trace.

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