Kojima Productions looks keen to widen its net as it hires for a new unannounced project

This morning Hideo Kojima’s development studio has publicly announced that it’s working ona new project and is hiring new roles to expand the team to make it.

It’s a little unusual for a Japanese developer to make such a public showing of advertising roles in this a way. But with 26 different roles on offer, and likely a number of positions greater than that, it’s certainly keen to get new talent in.

It should be noted that while these are still Japanese-speaking roles, the decision to push the recruitment drive out to MCV/DEVELOP looks to show a greater desire to hire western developers onto the team to give it a more international flavour in future.

At present the team is, of course, largely japanese, and beyond that largely made up of developers from Konami (according to research by VGC), understandably given Kojima’s previous work and that company’s shift away from triple-A console titles in the intervening years. the team size for Death Stranding looks to have been around 100, but it saw significant engineering assistance from Guerilla Games as well.

The company is now looking to hire the “best-in-class talent” to work out of its Tokyo studio. With the broad roles available being as follows.

Game Programmer
Tools Programmer
Technical Artist
System Programmer
3D Rendering Programmer / Effects Programmer
Animation Programmer
Physics Programmer
AI Programmer
Network Programmer
Sound Programmer
UI Programmer

Environment Artist
Character Artist
Weapons / Mechanical Artist
Cinematic Artist
VFX Artist
Lighting Artist
UI/2D Artist

Game Design
Game Designer
Level Designer

In addition to
Sound Designer
Producer/Assistant Producer
Project Manager
Localization Specialist

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