Kojima’s new studio inspired by Media Molecule

As well and hunting down a new game engine, Hideo Kojima’s recent world studio tour has also provided the inspiration for the new-look Kojima Productions.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Kojima has stressed that he’s keen to get away from the typical Japanese corporate structure and build a studio that more closely resembles those found in Europe – and it’s LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway developer Media Molecule that has come closest to hitting the nail on the head.

"I now know that I want an intimate kind of studio," Kojima explained. "Media Molecule in London is the closest to what I want.

"Typical Japanese companies are like armies. There is a hierarchy. Orders filter down. Media Molecule is nothing like that. There are lots of women working there, for one thing. That’s a strange feeling. But at the same time there’s a feeling like it’s family there. I want that for my company.

Media Molecule told me that the kitchen is crucial too. You to have to get the kitchen right. At DICE, for example, they have 40 microwaves, and so many coffeemakers.”

This desire stems from what seems to be a dislike of Japanese development, which is perhaps no surprise considering the nature of Kojima’s departure from Konami. He’s hardly alone, either, when it comes to high-profile Japanese developers quitting their employers.

"In Japanese companies there’s not so much respect given to the creators," he added. "American and European companies try to draw out the best of their people, and make them a success and, through that, make the game a success.

"Kojima Productions is not going to be the kind of Japanese company that people give their lives to. I have no plan for keeping people working for me for twenty years from now. Talented people should be able to go out into the world, to create things under their own names. I hope to facilitate that."

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