Konami scraps Silent Hill HD patch due to "tech and resource issues"

The issue of gamers’ consumer rights has once again hit the headlines after another publisher abandoned plans to patch a product that has already been sold to consumers.

Konami has announced that despite releasing a patch for the PS3 version of Silent Hill HD Collection, it has abandoned plans to release the patch on Xbox 360 due to technical issues and resources”.

The game has been bugged by frame rate and audio syncing issues since release.

The publisher says that it apologizes to any players who are continuing to experience these issues on the Xbox 360", though added that it can still be purchased from shops.

The news comes after Fez developer Polytron admitted that it is not going to release a fix for a game-breaking bug for its title due to the expense, leaving some who purchased the title with corrupted saves.

But the fact remains – both Polytron and Konami entered into publishing agreements on Xbox 360 knowing of potential patching costs. It seems hard to excuse their decision to leave consumers who have purchased the game with sub-standard product simply because it would stretch the budget.

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