Konami to release retro mini console, PC Engine Core Grafx mini

Konami is joining the retro console bandwagon with a re-release of PC Engine Core Grafx mini. Making the announcement at E3 2019 earlier this week, a smaller scale version of the console, which originally released in 1989, will feature a range of classic retro games.

In a press release, Konami reports the consoles were “well-known for introducing several historical firsts”, including “the first console with a CD-ROM add-on and the first console to offer multi-tap support for up to five players”.

“More than that however, the consoles became a collector’s favourite thanks to their quality game line-up; many of which will be included in this re-release,” Konami added.

“Now even smaller compared to the original, the console will fit in the palm of your hand and feature a full-sized controller”, the pre-loaded PC Engine Core Grafx mini comes with: R-type, New Adventure Island, Ninja Spirit, Ys Book I & II, Dungeon Explorer, and Alien Crush, wiith more” to be announced soon”.

PC Engine Core Grafx mini will be released in select European countries, with two additional variants to be released in North America and Japan, named TurboGrafx-16 mini and PC Engine mini respectively.

More details including full game line-up, pricing, and availability will reportedly be announced at a later date.

Konami isn’t the only company with a mini console coming out this year. Capcom – which revealed its plug-and-play system in April – has a mini-console releasing on October 25th, 2019. The system is styled to looked like Capcom’s yellow and blue logo and will also feature a pair of “competition-class Sanwa sticks and buttons for the finest precision, response times and durability” to “enable these games to be played the way that they were meant to be played”.

Sega also recently announced the Sega Mega Drive Mini, a new mini-console pre-loaded with 40 classic Sega games. The mini-console will release on September 19th, 2019, and sees Sega join Nintendo and Sony with its own mini-console replica. It remains to be seen if the console will set tills ringing like Nintendo’s inaugural NES Classic.

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