Kowloon Nights celebrate revenue milestone by announcing new partnerships

Kowloon Nights, the game development fund that helped finance the production of Sifu and Godfall, has announced that it has hit a new revenue milestone of $150m. In celebration, eight new titles have joined the funding roster, from the likes of League of Geeks (previously responsible for Armello), Aggro Crab (Going Under) and Kitfox Games (the future publisher of Dwarf Fortress). 

“This milestone demonstrates the validity and sustainability of a model that offers fair terms to developers while also putting the creators first and ensuring that players remember the names of the incredibly talented developers behind the games” said Alexis Garavaryan, CEO of Kowloon Nights.

Among the games in development is Sword of Symphony, from the UK-based solo developer and musician Stephen Ddungu, who said: “Ever since my game’s early social media success, I’ve received a lot of good offers, but Kowloon Nights was the only one to present all the benefits of staying independent, but with the backing and support to allow me to continue working on the game full-time. It’s game-dev heaven.”

In addition to the expanded roster, Kowloon Nights has also announced a partnership with publisher Kepler Interactive, to help teams with business development and press and influencer outreach. 

“The way they fight for their developers and projects, they should be called Kowloon Knights!” said Pierre de Margerie, CEO of Sloclap, developer of the aforementioned Sifu. We can’t attest to that, but that’s wordplay we can get behind.

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