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Kwalee has allocated £1m in staff bonuses this year

Kwalee has revealed it has allocated over £1 million in staff bonuses this year.

The profit share scheme – which began in October 2018 – was launched with the aim of “rewarding staff for their part in the company’s successes” and entitles each employee to a base percentage of Kwalee’s overall profits for each quarter. Consequently, the company says 10 per cent (1 in every 10) of Kwalee’s 73 employees “have been able to double their salaries through the scheme in the past year, with others benefitting from significant quarterly payments”.

The company also says it incentives game ideas from all Kwalee employees and if their pitch becomes a successful game, they can “earn a further cut of the profits”.  “Creative Wednesdays” are “not a gimmick”, but “the main way in which new titles emerge internally”.

“All companies claim to value the ideas and creativity of their staff, but for us it was important to enshrine that in policy,” said David Darling (CBE), CEO of Kwalee. “Not only do we welcome game ideas from all corners of the company, but we actually rely on them to power our internal game development, so it’s only right that everyone has a stake in what they create. Beyond that, we feel it’s essential that all employees, from game development to administration, can share in the successes, as it’s not just about the money but creating a real ‘community’ feeling in the studio, where everyone, no matter the discipline, is working towards one shared goal. 

One million in payouts is a great milestone in a short space of time, but we all hope we can reach two million even quicker!”

Kwalee publishes and develops “hyper-casual mobile games” and are currently ranked as the fourth casual game publisher on the US App Store with titles like Draw It, Shootout 3D, Off the Rails 3D, Rocket Sky! and Go Fish! 

Kwalee is currently hiring and says all newcomers are eligible for the profit share scheme. For more, visit:

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