LabelRadar offers new free to play audio service for games studios

Music Platform LabelRadar has made its services available to the video games sector, stating that its  20 second clip system will “give developers the opportunity to harness over 50,000 artists to source incredible music for their project quickly and easily.” LabelRadar is also waiving its usual platform fees, so it will cost nothing for developers to use the platform.

LabelRadar argues that it offers a threefold proposition to the games industry. Firstly, LabelRadar can provide developers and publishers of all sizes with the opportunity to crowdsource the perfect music to suit any particular game genre or style – whether they need to source music for a promotional video, content for in-game radio, music for DLC, or a full game soundtrack.

 Secondly, the platform can be used as a marketing/engagement engine to host events like remix contests for existing game soundtracks, where fans can also engage with the submissions and feel truly involved in a game release campaign.

Finally, LabelRadar can assign a label partner to music sourced for a game, giving it a full commercial release, opening opportunities to promote the game through the millions of impressions generated by the music release.

“We appreciate that some studios will have audio departments and composers that they already work with,” said Ed Brew, CEO, LabelRadar. “But we’re here to work with those teams and to enhance the way they utilize music in their game. Whether it’s sourcing music for in-game radio, a promotional video asset, leveraging music as DLC, using a remix contest as a PR boost for your game release or any of the other many ways music can offer huge value to a video game, we are the solution. If you’re even slightly curious, just get in touch and we’ll share some of our case studies and give you a demo of just how valuable our platform can be for you.”

LabelRadar was launched over two years ago by entertainment and tech industry entrepreneurs Ed Brew (CEO) and Derek Clark (COO), plus a development team consisting of brothers Juan Ferreras and Sebastian Ferreras, alongside Ariel Kohan.

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