Lace Mamba goes green with climate change game

The publisher of a brand new climate change game is doing its own bit to save the planet by making the packing as eco-friendly as possible.

Brighton-based Lace Mamba Global is releasing the boxed version of PC strategy title Fate of the World on Friday, January 27th. The 19.99 ‘Tipping Point’ retail edition will be made from recycled materials including an eco-friendly sourced paper manual and cardboard packaging, all certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The game is also backed by several charities including PETA, The Sea Shepherd and Viva con Agua, with free ads for them appearing in its manual.Even disc manufacturer Sony DADC – which is producing the Fate of the World discs – is using evironmentally-friendly duplication methods.

Fate of the World is a mind-changer,” Lace Mamba Global’s head of PR and marketing Claas Wolter told MCV.

Playing the game helps to understand how hard it is to keep a balance between saving the world and keeping a country’s economy in good shape.

We want to take our share by producing this retail edition as eco-friendly as possible. We are using recycled and responsibly sourced materials for the production of its box.”

Fate of the World is the sequel to BBC’s award-winnig Climate Challenge.

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