Layton and the Spectre’s Call out November 25th

The latest Professor Layton DS puzzle adventure game will hit shelves in the UK and Europe in time for Christmas.

Nintendo says Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call – the fourth full game in its series – will feature new puzzles that will challenge and delight both seasoned Layton fans and those new to the series”.

It is set three years before the events of the first Layton game, Curious Village, and explains how Professor Layton first met his assistant Luke as well as his previous female assistant Emmy. Once again it has been developed by Level-5.

Although compatible with the 3DS, it is a different game to the previously announced 3DS exclusive Mask of Miracle which is due out in the UK next year.

Spectre’s Call will include new mini-games such as guiding a fish around an obstacle course to collect coins and getting a model train to pass through different stations.

The Professor Layton series has shipped over 11m copies worldwide to date. The Mask of Miracle was Japan’s best-selling 3DS launch title.

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