Leak suggests early November release date for Xbox One

An apparent leak from an employee at US retailer Walmart suggests Xbox One will beat PS4 to market.

Kotaku has received a list of supposedly confirmed midnight openings for the chain. Included on the list is a midnight launch for the Xbox One on November 8th.

That’s a week before PS4 hits North America and three weeks before Sony’s machine arrives in Europe and the UK.

Note that the Xbox One date is the only to not carry the word ‘confirmed’, suggesting things could still be set to change.

Even if the information is true, it remains to be seen whether Microsoft will roll out its machine simultaneously worldwide or whether the launch will be staggered.

Indeed, Microsoft’s decision to delay the machine’s release in some European regions could quite possibly point to either supply problems or instead a plan to ensure there is enough stock for a simultaneous launch in key territories.

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