Leaked performance charts suggest AMD’s Radeon R9 290X IS a Titan-killer

AMD has yet to officially announce the R9 290 or R9 290X, but leaked performance charts suggest Nvidia’s Titan has been dethroned as the world’s fastest GPU.

Videocardz reports that said charts suggest the vanilla R9 290X offers a six per cent performance boost over the Titan – and with an almost certainly lower RRP.

The second tier R9 290, meanwhile, offers a similar performance advantage over the GTX 780.

It is also believed that AMD’s pair are very overclock-friendly, meaning that they can actually extend their advantage over Nvidia’s rivals to around eight or nine per cent.

Reports yesterday suggested that AMD’s R9s were initially supposed to be revealed today but have had their announcement pushed back to next week, possibly so AMD can wait and see what Nvidia’s expected GTX 770ti and other price cuts bring before playing its final cards.

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