Leaked video points to potential Modern Warfare 3 controversy

A leaked video from a cut-scene contained in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 could well reveal some of the content that will likely spark tabloid controversy upon the game’s release next week.

Though MCV will neither post the video now reveal critical plot spoilers, a brief description of the content is as follows:

In it a family of American tourists are seen approaching Big Ben in London. A young girl, perhaps six or seven, is seen to be excitedly dancing on a pavement next to a parked van. Which then explodes, killing everyone nearby.

Kotaku has chosen to be far more open about the content should you wish for more details.

Though it’s easy to immediately draw comparison with Modern Warfare 2’s infamous No Russian mission, there are key differences – the most notable of which is that gamers do not play” this section in MW3. It is just a cut-scene.

That’s unlikely to stop a severe reaction, however, particularly as the UK press has already proved sensitive about the game’s London levels.

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