LEIPZIG 08: New PSP announced

Sony has announced a newly redesigned PSP at Leipzig this afternoon, dubbed the PSP 3000 – which will launch on October 15th in Europe for €199.

The black device has an enhanced LCD screen, which SCEE president David Reeves said will increase intensity and the number of colours that can be displayed – and is easier to view in natural light.

The console carries the same dimension as the PSP Slim and Lite, which was only announced at E3 last year.

It contains a built-in microphone and allows users to contact others in Wi-Fi areas via Skype and Go!Messenger. Reeves called it a viable communications device”.

Reeves announced eight bundles, all at €199, which include games in the Harry Potter, FIFA and Buzz! series, as well as a set of Go! Communications software.

The current Slim & Lite model was stil "very important", said Reeves. It will be given a new budget SRP of €169.

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