LGC 14: We are not the games media, says Yogscast

Yogscast says comparing it to the games media is a ‘category error’.

Rich Keith, GM of the hit video network and speaking today at London Games Conference, says Yogscast and other video stars – such as PewDiePie – are not the games media. They are far more powerful than that and doing a different job.

What is happening on YouTube is not games media,” he told attendees

Games media is about journalism. It is about talking about games and evaluating them. It’s about telling them whether to buy them or not based on their quality.

"What Yogscast is doing and what people on Youtube is doing is entertainment. It is not journalism. That’s why what people are doing on YouTube is so powerful.”

He said the main reason Yogcast viewers watch their shows is because the want to laugh and see people and personalities.

When you are looking for evaluation of games, for news and reviews, you are researching information. When you are on YouTube, you are after something different.”

He adds that YouTube and Twitch is far more significant than traditional media. It has an emotional connection with the viewer,” he says.

He also revealed that 42 per cent of 8 to 16 year-olds say that they see YouTube as the future of TV.

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