LGC 2014: Buzzfeed delivers its ‘commandments of being interesting on the internet’

Buzzfeed has delivered its advice on how marketers can succeed in a social world at London Games Conference this morning.

Philip Byrne delivered the firm’s ‘commandments of being interesting’ on the internet and, in particular, Buzzfeed itself, which he says is on course to becoming the world’s biggest news and entertainment website.

He told attendees that 75 per cent of the website’s traffics come from social, as consumers transition from the ‘search’ age of finding content to the ‘social age’. Facebook is becoming a bigger source for news and entertainment than Google, he says.

Based on Deloitte data, he said that 50 per cent of users view Facebook as a source of entertainment, while 45 per cent view it as a means of discovering content.

He says the days when people spent 95 per cent thinking about what they want to say, and then spending only five per cent of their time thinking about where to put it is over. He says Buzzfeed spends 50 per cent of their time thinking about what they want to say, and 50 per cent on how they can get it for spread.

Here were his commandments:

1. Brands are crazy, and they’re obsessed with 1-to-1 conversations. "Look at our new product, it’s great". But it’s not all about you. There has to be a balance between the branded message you want to deliver and delivering something interesting

2. You may not be the expert for your audience. Do you know what young 18-year olds are interesting in? Many of you probably do not. Sometimes brands don’t know how to speak to their own audience. So find people or speak to people that do know. Don’t be afraid to use other people’s content.

3. Everyone is a big shot now. Everyone is an editor and everyone can ignore your content. Remember, your user is the boss/

4. Don’t be a bowling ball. Do you remember when Homer gave Marge a Bowling Ball for her birthday in The Simpsons? It wasn’t really for her, it was for him. That’s the same when doing social content. Don’t just stick up something for Star Wars day and slap your brand on it. Because that’s not for your audience You have to deliver real value.

5. And that’s the key commandment. Focus on giving the reader value. Make them laugh, cry and share.

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