LGC: ‘MMO is dead, except for EVE: Online,’ says CCP Games

CCP Games prepares the launch of the MMO’s twentieth expansion.

David Reid, CMO at CCP Games says the franchise is continuing to grow despite the declining state of rival MMO titles.

He confessed that never accepting a game is finished is key to ensuring its long-term success.

If you want a game that will run for ten years, you have to build around the idea that your game can always be better,” said Reid.

He went on to detail the intimate relationship CCP has maintained with the EVE community – both in-game and out – as fuelling the game’s success.

You’re turning a certain level of control over to your players. You have to turn over a certain level of control over to your players.”

This relationship led the publisher to create the Council of Stellar Management, which is forged by EVE players and serves as a way of players having their feedback heard by CCP and developers.

As part of this relationship with players, CCP says it will debut its trailer for EVE Online’s latest expansion, Rubicon, via Twitch.

EVE Online: Rubicon launches November 19th on PC.

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