LGF to grow beyond UK?

Ahead of London Games Festival 2008, which starts this Saturday (October 26th), the event organisers have told MCV that they want to involve all of Europe.

Our long-term aim is to take it beyond the borders and make it one of the key highlights across the whole of Europe,” LGF chairman and EA vice president Keith Ramsdale told MCV.

The LGF is the UK’s premier event for showcasing the finest in gaming and interactive entertainment. It’s a true celebration of our industry and consumer enthusiasm for video gaming.”

The organisers have heralded this year’s Festival as the best yet, with a broader range of events on offer: The number of publishers involved has increased, the number of events organised is the largest yet and the calibre of activity taking place is incredibly high – perhaps the best since the Festival began three years ago,” continued Ramsdale.

The gaming industry has come a long way in the last few years and is now considered to be the UK’s leading entertainment industry.”

Ramsdale added that the widening market for gaming will also boost attendance:

This LGF will showcase some of the finest gaming and interactive entertainment the industry currently has to offer and further show that gaming is no longer a niche hobby carried out by a few, but in fact now appeals to the masses, from casual players to families to die-hard fans.”

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