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Light Brick Studio splits from the Lego Group to go independent

Light Brick Studio, originally founded as an in-house game development studio by the Lego Group, has become an independent gaming studio.

Light Brick was founded by Karsten Lund and Mads Prahm, and is responsible for the critically acclaimed Lego Builder’s Journey – We spoke to Lund about the Apple Arcade exclusive back in February. An investment has been made by LEGO Ventures, the investment arm of the LEGO Brand, into Light Brick Studio.

“We’re very excited to be able to expand and continue our journey to create new and interesting experiences, pushing the boundaries of digital play and creativity,” said Lund. “While we still feel very much connected to the LEGO family, this independence will give us space to explore the future of creative play even further.”

The move will allow Light Brick Studio to work with an array of gaming projects and partners – the LEGO Group continuing to be one of them – along with external companies outside the LEGO Group.

The studio will be supported by LEGO Ventures and their Incubation Studio in facilitating the transition in becoming an independent company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“We’re thrilled to be investing in Light Brick Studio,” said Rob Lowe, Head of Marketing & Value Creation at LEGO Ventures. “The Studio fits well into LEGO Ventures’ investment thesis of exploring the edges of the LEGO Idea through digital play, and we know first-hand how talented this team is. So we’re really looking forward to supporting them in becoming independent and scaling their business.”

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