Limited Edition Grey PS4s on sale for £19.94 in London today

Sony are selling the super limited edition grey PS4 in the UK today… for just 19.94.

19.94… 1994… 20 years of PlayStation? Get it? Of course you do.

But there are only 94 consoles available and some gamers were queuing up from last night to snap up the rare item, which sold out in the US in seconds and was going on eBay for thousands of dollars.

The event is taking place at Bethnal Green Road in London and the store opens at 11am. You’ll need to bring something PlayStation related to prove you’re a fan, and whisper the secret passcode ‘I Crashed My Bandicoot’.

More Limited Original Grey PS4s will be available via retailers in the UK once this event is over. But seeing as there was only 12,300 manufactured worldwide, don’t expect full supply.

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