Lionhead: Microsoft did a ‘great thing’ in responding to consumer feedback

Microsoft has disproved any accusations of aloofness by reversing the controversial policy decisions that dogged its Xbox One announcement.

That’s the opinion of Lionhead’s creative director Gary Carr, who seemingly agrees with sentiments previously expressed on MCV that responding to consumer feedback is fundamentally a good thing.

"Talking about the E3 briefing, I think there is a connection to be honest," Carr told OXM. "A lot of people sometimes think that Microsoft is too far removed from what people are saying and what people want, but I don’t think that’s actually true.

"The fact that Microsoft turned round and changed its Xbox One online policy within a week – is that a bad thing? I think that’s a great thing. I think it is listening.

It turned around and admitted ‘we got some things wrong, we’ve heard you and we’ve changed our policy on that’.

"I think it’s obviously reaching for the future, and that’s what Apple and all these guys want to do, but you can’t always be sure when people are ready for change, or whether it’s the right change.

"I think the fact that Microsoft turned around and changed what it showed at E3 shows that the team are not as aloof and removed as their reputation suggests."

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