Livingstone: A united industry makes sense

Following the surprise recommendation of a possible strategic alliance between UK games trade bodies UKIE and TIGA in today’s Livingstone-Hope skills review, report author Ian Livingstone has espouse the virtues of a possible union.

"There is a fundamental difference between the two organisations historically," Livingstone told an audience in London this morning. "But where we are today with online content, the differences between the two are disappearing.

"Developers are becoming publishers, publishers are becoming developers. On an issue like this – skills – it’s absolutely to the benefit, and in fact I would be amazed if there wasn’t unanimity on this issue. Over time there is going to be a greater coming together as the differences between the two organisations disappear.

"In the past we’ve had the government saying you cant do this because you the other trade body doesn’t agree on particular points’ – they’ve used that against us. So if we work together, joined at the hip as one organisation, or working together as two organisations with slightly diff agendas but mainly as one, I think we’ll have far more success. I think that’s obvious."

Tory MP and minister for communication, culture and the creative industries Ed Vaizey pledged to not interfere with any possible moves towards a unification or increased cooperation.

"I dipped my toe in the water before about uniting UKIE and TIGA, and I got my leg bit off for doing so, so it’s entirely up to them," he added.

"It’s certainly possible to have two trade associations that work together on one campaign and I’m certain TIGA will want to be involved in this [skills review] process. There is no reason why they shouldn’t have a united voice in this process."

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