Lizard Squad attacks National Crime Agency

Hacking collective Lizard Squad has targeted the website of the UK’s National Crime Agency in retaliation to a number of arrests made last week.

VentureBeat reports that the group has claimed credit for a DDoS attack that took down the NCA website for about an hour.

The action took place less than a week after the NCA arrested six teenagers accused of bringing Xbox Live and PSN to its knees last Christmas. The individuals were said to have purchased accessed to a tool named Lizard Stresser, which they used to perpetrate the DDoS attack.

Lizard Squad has claimed that the individuals involved were not directly affiliated to it.

DDoS is a blunt form of attack which takes volume and not skill,” the NCA said of the attack it endured. It isn’t a security breach and it won’t affect our operational capacity. At worst it is a temporary inconvenience to users of our website.”

Former SEO president John Smedley was recently involved in a very public altercation with a Lizard Squad member who was convicted of over 50,000 hacking charges. Smedly left the company not long after the incident.

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