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The London Games Conference is about to kick off, and MCV will be providing live and extensive coverage of the event from late this afternoon.

LGC kicks off at 4pm, and sees 300 execs are attending – with over 100 representatives from different businesses in video games looking to grow their business and succeed in a rapidly-changing market. In the room are games publishers, developers, physical distributors, digital distributors, games media, outsourcing experts, payment firms, digital marketing experts, and many more.

They are all there to grow their business in games and looking for insight and new business.


15:15 – 16:00 Registration and Tea/Coffee

16:00 – 16:05 Welcome – James Binns, Chairman London Games Conference

16:05 – 16:35 Keynote Address – Building the future of entertainment – Phil Harrison, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft

16:35 – 16:40 Yogscast: From playtime to primetime – Mark Turpin, Business Development Manager at Yogscast

16:40 – 17:00 Sega: How to build a digital business with Steam – John Clarke, Vice President, Digital Distribution (PC) at Sega

17:00 – 17:20 Google: What gamers want to know – Warren Mills, Industry manager for entertainment at Google

17:20 – 17:25 Qinqo: Connecting Bricks & Clicks, Jeremy Wigmore, SVP Europe at Qinqo

17:25 – 17:45 Keynote Address – The good and bad sides of the F2P business model – Sean Decker, VP Play4Free at Electronic Arts

17:45 – 17:50 PlayMob: How to link your good game with a good cause – Jude Ower, Founder & CEO at PlayMob

17:50 – 18:10 IGN: The expert within – Richard Keen, International Publishing Director at IGN

18:10 – 18:40 Coffee Break

18:40 – 19:00 Disney: Old tricks for new dogs – what can the "new" games economy take from the "old" publishing model – Matt Carroll, Commercial Director, Digital Games at The Walt Disney Company EMEA

19:00 – 19:05 Microsoft presentation

19:05 – 19:25 Digital Transition: The Heroes and Zeroes – Nicholas Lovell, GamesBrief

19.25 – 19:30 6Waves: Global Opportunities for Social & Mobiles Games – Rex Ng, Chief Executive Officer at 6waves

19:30 – 19:50 Twitter: What gamers are talking about – Bruce Daisley, sales director at Twitter UK

19:50 – 19:55 Heaven Media: How eSports is changing your market – Mark Reed, Chairman at Heaven Media

19:55 – 20:05 IHS Screen Digest: Key metrics from the games market – Piers Harding-Rolls, Head of Games at IHS Screen Digest

20:05 – 20:25 Panel: The future of the games machine

Dr Jo Twist, Ukie – moderator

Panelists: Simon Little, Managing Director, PEGI SA; Roger Walkden, Senior Director, Business Development, EA; Nick Button-Brown, General Manager, Games, Crytek; Barclay Deeming, VP of Gamers, NaturalMotion;

Rex Ng, 6waves

20:25 – 20:40 Keynote Address – Hawken and Transmedia, Mark Long, CEO at Meteor Entertainment

20:40 – 20:45 Closing Remarks – James Binns, Conference Chairman

20:45 – 23:00 Networking Buffet and Drinks


16:00 – 16:05


James Binns, Conference Chairman

16:05 – 16:35

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Building the future of entertainment
Phil Harrison, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

As Xbox 360 goes from strength-to-strength – and with Windows 8 set to bring Xbox gaming and entertainment experiences to millions of new users around the world – what opportunities will a new platform and a huge new audience mean for gamers, developers and distributors? What kind of studios, IP and delivery mechanisms will we see as the old world changes and the very genre of ‘gaming’ is forever redefined?

16:35 – 16:40

YOGSCAST: From playtime to primetime
Mark Turpin, Business Development Manager, Yogscast

Representing growth in online video is the Yogscast. It is the number one UK channel on YouTube, and the world’s most viewed gaming channel on YouTube. Yogscast’s Minecraft content has widely been credited as part of the success story around the growth of the game. This talk will examine how community, content and video can build audience and engagement.

16:40 – 17:00

SEGA: How to build a digital business with Steam
John Clark, Vice President, Digital Distribution (PC), Sega

Sega has accelerated its business through new digital channels, delivering two of the biggest hits on Steam with the Football Manger and Total War series. Clark will explain how to be a winner in the world’s biggest digital store, offering practical advice.

17:00 – 17:20

GOOGLE: What gamers want to know
Warren Mills, Industry Manager for Entertainment, Google

Google has extensive research on search trends through the lifecycle of a game, from first announce through to post-release DLC. This focused presentation is vital for anyone looking to ensure their games reach the biggest possible audience across search, YouTube, mobile and the Google display network.

17:20 – 17:25

QINQO: Connecting clicks and bricks
Jeremy Wigmore, SVP Europe

Qinqo provides payment solutions for digital entertainment.This speech will focus on how payment solutions can expand audience and drive value.

17:25 – 17:45

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The F2P good and bad
Sean Decker, VP Play4Free, Electronic Arts

F2P games offer some unique challenges that other entertainment forms do not, with many opportunities and many risks. This presentation will offer an honest appraisal of both and share EA’s experience in the space.

17:45 – 17:50

PLAYMOB: How to link your good game with a good cause
Jude Ower, Founder & CEO, PlayMob

PlayMob offers gaming with a social conscious via theirplatform that can link games transactions with good causes. Ower will share how it works.

17:50 – 18:10

IGN:The expert within
Richard Keen, International Publishing Director, IGN

Rich Keen explores the essential role that impartial editorial plays in driving content distribution and discovery for games media and how IGN is navigating the evolving frontiers of a media landscape fuelled by connected community

18:10 – 18:40 Coffee Break

18:40 – 19:00

DISNEY: Old tricks for new dogs
Matt Carroll, Commercial Director, Digital Games, The Walt Disney Company, EMEA

Describing how traditional marketing disciplines can be applied to the challenges in the transforming games market, touching on issues like customer service and engagement.

19:00 – 19:05

MICROSOFT:?Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 game apps
Andrew Webber, UK Marketing Lead for Indie Game App Builders

Examining how Microsoft can help you with development, publication and discovery. A short review of the publishing opportunities and support offered by Microsoft’s new Windows Store, including co-marketing.

19:05 – 19:25

GAMESBRIEF: Digital Transition: The Heroes and Zeroes
Nicholas Lovell, GamesBrief

Lovell returns to LGC reprising his Heroes or Zeroes interactive presentation, naming the eight companies likely to thrive or die in the online gaming business – with a chance for the audience to vote on the selection.

19.25 – 19:30

6WAVES: Global Opportunities for Social & Mobiles Games
Rex Ng, Chief Executive Officer, 6waves

Comparative analysis of Facebook , Android and Apple platforms – what’s struggling, what’s working and how and where to win.

19:30 – 19:50

TWITTER: What gamers are talking about
Bruce Daisley, UK Director, Twitter

Insights on the trends around games, based on terms and time of day. Case studies from games publishers who are getting it right on Twitter, and what best actions can grow followers and engagement, with both free and paid for activity.

19:50 – 19:55

HEAVEN MEDIA: How eSports is changing your market
Mark Reed, Chairman, Heaven Media

Short insight into the booming eSports market and how to get closer to its massive, focused audiences.

19:55 – 20:05

IHS SCREEN DIGEST: Key metrics from the games market
Piers Harding-Rolls, Senior Principal Analyst, Head of Games Research, IHS Screen Digest

20:05 – 20:25

PANEL: The future of the games machine
Moderated by Dr Jo Twist, CEO, UKIE

With the games market in massive transition around how, where and why we play, the very nature of a games machine is shifting.

A panel of industry leaders debate the evolution of gaming platforms across console, PC, social and mobile.

Panelists: Simon Little, Managing Director, PEGI SA
Roger Walkden, Senior Director, Business Development, EA
Nick Button-Brown, General Manager, Games, Crytek
Barclay Deeming, VP of Games, NaturalMotion
Rex Ng, Chief Executive Officer, 6waves

20:25 – 20:40

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Hawken and Transmedia
Mark Long, CEO, Meteor Entertainment

A look at the upcoming launch of Hawken, sharing how Meteor is using transmedia to shape both the game and the IP. The talk will look at pushing storytelling into marketing, creating worlds where consumers track down story elements across multiple media, and building closer, more rewarding relations between media producers and consumers.

20:40 – 20:45

James Binns, Conference Chairman

20:45 – 23:00 Networking and Buffet

More details about the speakers can be found below:

Phil Harrison
Corporate Vice President, Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft EMEA

Harrison is responsible for growing the IEB division’s European business. He not only heads the Microsoft Studios European organisation, but also directly influences the broader performance of IEB’s European business through strategic partnerships and by bringing culturally relevant entertainment experiences to Microsoft platforms. Harrison is also responsible for growing Xbox’s development efforts in Europe, including overseeing UK-based developers Lionhead Studios, Soho Productions and Rare Ltd.

With 25 years of games industry and development experience, Harrison is best known for being a long-time leader at Sony Computer Entertainment, where he held various senior executive positions within the company, most recently as president of Worldwide Studios.

Sean Decker
VP and head of EA Play4Free, Electronic Arts

A?former Army Infantry officer, Decker started out his career in the gaming industry at a company called SSI (Strategic Simulations, Inc.) in the mid-1990s, where he was involved with turn based wargames like Panzer General and Steel Panthers and flight simulations. In 2001 he joined EA at the Westwood studio and started working on the Command & Conquer franchise. After that he went to Maxis where he was the lead producer on SimCity 4. Sean arrived at DICE in 2003 and led the Battlefield 2 team as well as taking over all of the products in the Battlefield franchise. DICE was sold to EA in October of 2006 and in 2007 Sean became GM of the studio. He started in F2P gaming with DICE’s Battlefield Heroes in 2008. In 2009 he took over as GM of EA LA. From 2010 Sean has been running EA’s Play4Free division.

Mark Long
CEO, Meteor Entertainment

Previously the CEO of Zombie Studios in Seattle, Long has designed and produced over 31 video games on every major platform from Sega Genesis to Apple iPhone. He serves on the University of Washington Games advisory panel and has also served on a number of technical advisory boards and government committees including the Serious Games Summit, the National Science Foundation and the University of Washington Human Interface Laboratory. Long recently became a member of the Hollywood Producers Guild. He received his degree at the University of Texas, where he also received his commission in the US Army. He retired from the US Army with the rank of Major and is the recipient of the Army’s Meritorious Service Medal.

Matt Carroll
Commercial Director – Digital Games, Walt Disney Company EMEA

As commercial director of digital games, EMEA for Disney Interactive, Carroll works across apps, virtual worlds, online, console and social games. Having worked in the industry since 1996, Carroll joined Disney in 2001 as country director, overseeing the video games business for UK & Ireland. Prior to Disney, Carroll was European marketing manager at MicroProse and European brand director at Hasbro Interactive. Carroll holds an MBA from City University Business School and is chairing UKIE’s Online Committee. You can follow him on Twitter @Hurricanematto.

John Clark
Vice President, Digital Distribution (PC), Sega

John Clark joined Sega Europe in 2007 from Eidos as UK sales director. His current role is UK managing director and digital distribution director (PC), a position that not only drives the packaged goods business in the UK market but identifies and shapes the delivery of Sega’s market-leading PC content using evolving digital channels, covering EMEA and the United States. Clark joined the games industry in 1997 with BMG Interactive following a decade in Entertainment and FMCG with Fox Video and Rothmans Tobacco.

Nick Button-Brown
General Manager Games, Crytek

Button-Brown currently works as GM at Crytek, the creator of the FarCry and Crysis franchises as well as CryENGINE. He manages Crytek’s games business covering traditional boxed-product projects such as Crysis 3, Ryse, and Homefront 2, as well as the free-to-play title Warface (now launched in Russia) and mobile projects such as Fibble. He’s been with Crytek for three and a half years, he previously spent nine years at EA. His first industry job was at Eidos, when Eidos was the biggest publisher in Europe, so he can remember when Lara was not scared.

Bruce Daisley
UK Director, Twitter

Daisley joined Twitter in 2012 as UK director. He previously ran Google’s UK display business, growing it from 30th to the second largest in the market. This included work with YouTube and the Google Display Network. Prior to Google, Daisley was a digital director at Bauer Advertising, formerly Emap, where he ran their digital business. He also served as chairman of Association of Online Publishers Commercial Group from 2006 to 2008. In 2010 New Media Age recognised him as having made the Greatest Individual Contribution to new media in the UK. He writes a regular blog at Huffington Post UK.

Barclay Deeming
VP of Games, NaturalMotion

With many years of experience in the games and mobile industry, Deeming was previously head of product development for the BAFTA award-winning Ideaworks Game Studio, and worked on notable game franchises such as Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Need for Speed and Call of Duty. At NaturalMotion, he is responsible for the creative development of every game both in production and launched. He has worked with every NaturalMotion released mobile title to date, including the ultra-high quality, free-to-play 3D mobile games such as Backbreaker, My Horse, Jenga, and CSR Racing.

Piers Harding-Rolls
Senior Principal Analyst, Head of Games Research, IHS Screen Digest

With responsibility for games and related device research output from IHS’ technology-media-telecommunications research division, Harding-Rolls manages a team of research analysts producing class-leading research into the games sector. His work involves tracking the development of the games sector and all its different market segments. At the core of his research is proprietary heavy-duty and granular market sizing work aligned to forecasts which act as base data for segment analysis, company strategy analysis, commercial assessments and business planning.

Rich Keen
International Publishing Director, IGN Entertainment

Keen has worked within entertainment and media marketing for 15 years. During his early years in the music industry he ran the London marketing operations of Global Underground as well as producing bespoke game soundtracks. Before joining IGN to lead publishing operations Keen was responsible for the marketing of Dennis Publishing’s consumer media portfolio across digital and print. Outside of work when he isn’t glued to a console, Keen also sits on the BAFTA Digital Strategy Committee and the IAB Games Council.

Simon Little
Managing Director, PEGI S.A. and Interactive Software Federation of Europe

After serving for six years as a company representative on the board of directors at PEGI founder ISFE (Interactive Software Federation of Europe), Little is now responsible for leading both the European federation and the PEGI age rating system. Prior to joining PEGI as MD in 2009, he gained more than 14 years of experience in general management and operations roles at Take-Two. He has a joint BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Science and Microsystems from Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland and has lived and worked in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium where he currently resides with his family.

Nicholas Lovell
Founder, GamesBrief

Nicholas Lovell helps companies make money from games. Clients include Square Enix, IPC, Channel 4, 519 Games, Social Point and various investment funds. He has written three books, including How to Publish a Game and blogs about the business of games at

Warren Mills
Industry Manager – Entertainment, Google UK

Mills works closely with games publishers and movie studios to develop integrated advertising solutions across Google’s platforms including search, YouTube, the Google display network, mobile and social. Previously Warren worked at Bauer Media in a commercial role as head of games and entertainment working with brands such as FHM, Kerrang, Kiss and 4Music. At Bauer he was responsible for forging partnerships and creating cross-platform solutions across print titles, radio stations, TV channels and digital properties.

Rex Ng
CEO, 6waves

Rex Ng is responsible for 6waves’ overall business and growth strategy. He co-founded 6waves in January 2008, and helped scale the company to become a top social/mobile gaming network. Prior to 6waves, he held management positions in Watercooler Inc. (now Kabam) and Yahoo!. He holds BS in Computer Science and BA Philosophy from University of California, San Diego.

Jude Ower
CEO, PlayMob

Ower has been in the games industry for 11 years. Her core focus has been using games and play to make the world a better place. She is the founder and CEO of PlayMob, creating the world’s first platform profitably connecting games to social good, a win-win for all. Ower was voted one of the top 100 women in Tech in Europe, named Growing Business ‘Young Gun’ 2012 and shortlisted for Growing Business Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. She was a finalist in Europas 2011 and BBAA awards 2012.

Mark Reed
Chairman, Heaven Media

As chairman of Heaven Media Group, Reed oversees a rapidly growing company that has earned worldwide respect for its credibility in gaming hardware, PC gaming and eSports. He has years of experience in hardware distribution, including founding Realtime Distribution in 1989 and leading it to a $50m turnover. His work on innovative marketing campaigns and events have helped propel Heaven Media to some of the most renowned tech and specialist PC gaming destinations in the world. His role within the company now is an advisory one, to the ever expanding and expert team he has in place.

Mark Turpin
Business Development Manager, Yogscast

Turpin has worked in the online entertainment space for over eight years creating content for sites from AOL, Future and many more. He spent a year in games PR working with Indigo Pearl, helping to bring new MMOs to market. Now with The Yogscast, the UK’s largest YouTube channel, Turpin engages with brands and businesses to help promote products alongside the world’s most viewed gaming channel on YouTube. He also manages projects internally such as the company’s own themed video game, Yogventures, which was crowd-funded by the Kickstarter community.

Dr Jo Twist

Dr Jo Twist took the role of CEO of UKIE in January 2012. Previously at Channel 4 as commissioning editor for Education she commissioned Digital Emmy-winning Battlefront II, a stable of free browser and iOS games, including Sweatshop, Nomnation and International Racing Squirrels, as well as social media projects. Previous positions include multiplatform commissioner for BBC Entertainment & Switch, BBC Three multiplatform channel editor and in a former life was a technology reporter for BBC News.

Roger Walkden
Senior Director – European Business Development and Developer Outreach, EA Origin

Roger Walkden is a veteran of the UK video games scene, having worked at some of the biggest companies in the industry since 1999. He held various senior roles in his seven years at Activision in UK marketing and sales, global brand management, European business development and strategic marketing. He has acted as a consultant to various publishers and retailers and helped establish a new digital platform for GDI in Germany. He is currently senior director at EA, running European Business Development and Developer Outreach for EA Partners and EA’s digital distribution platform, Origin.

Andrew Webber
UK Marketing Lead for Indy Game App Builders on Windows 8, Microsoft

At Microsoft Webber’s role is to talk to studios about why they should look to developing a Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 game app. He helps studios understand how best to do this by using online training, attending events Microsoft runs or, in certain cases, working directly with its technical teams.

Jeremy Wigmore
Senior Vice President Europe, Qinqo

Wigmore has worked in the video games industry for 20 years, with roles at Accolade, GT Interactive, Atari and Codemasters predominantly as European sales and senior executive roles. He has extensive knowledge of the European retail/distribution business and an excellent understanding of the target consumer, delivery channels and relevant market-place dynamics. He joined Qinqo in July 2012. Qinqo is a brand new and very ambitious start-up that providers a value-added solution in the form of dedicated premium prepaid content cards.

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