Long tail rewards LucasArts

Publisher LucasArts has admitted that 2009, as it was for most companies in the industry, was a challenging year for LucasArts – but the ongoing appeal of its strong franchise offering has seen it through the storm.

We, similar to many other publishers, have been challenged by the current economic climate,” VP of global publishing Mary Bihr told MCV in an exclusive interview.

We’ve seen a slowdown in sales velocity across some titles, but a commensurate increase in others – sometimes with games that have been on the shelves for two, three, even four years. There’s still strong demand for these licensed games.

As for recent releases, LEGO Indiana Jones 2 has already been a huge success for us. TT Games did a fantastic job making this the most immersive LEGO game released to date. We’re very pleased by its performance across Europe.”

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