Lord of the Rings: Conquest announced

EA has for the first time officially spoken of its upcoming foray into Tolkien’s ocr-heavy universe, Pandemic’s Lord of the Rings: Conquest.

It’s not the first time EA has peered into the realm of Middle Earth, having previously enjoyed great success with it’s two titles based on New Line Cinema’s phenomenally successful movie trilogy.

Pandemic, which is owned by EA, is the team behind the likes of Star Wars Battlefront and Mercenaries 2. Conquest, which is based on the New Line Cinema license, sees players getting stuck in to some of the movie’s most epic battles fighting for either the forces of good or for the might of Sauron’s empire.

We have been working hard to create a Lords of the Rings experience like no other,” Pandemic Studios co-founder and general manager Andrew Goldman stated, with the studio’s Josh Resnick adding: Players will finally be able to fight through Middle-earth along the frontlines of good or evil. And what Lord of the Rings fan hasn’t fantasized about joining Sauron’s army to slay Hobbits?”

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