Lords of the Fallen dev addresses preview concerns

CI Games has released a video directly addressing what it believes were some unfounded concerns raised in previews of Lords of the Fallen.

Assorted questions of the Square Enix title have been asked by those with early access, and executive producer Tomasz Gop addresses a few of them below.

Specifically, he explains that a character’s weight will directly affect movement and roll speed. Some previews bemoaned the slow walking and rolling, but altering a character’s loadout – such as armour, weapons and shields – will increase or reduce running speed, rolling speed and movement.

Weapons also add an extra speed layer, with some demanding slower, broader strikes and others attacking more rapidly.

Gop also says that players will need to invest about 50 hours to see everything in the game in a single playthrough, and that there are two additional game cycles, meaning it can continue until NG++.

The dev also asserts that the PC version has been in development in tandem with the console SKUs and is not a straight port. A full range of control and graphics options are available.

Lord of the Fallen will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC next week.

Here’s the video:

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