LulzSec dismisses Cleary links

A supposed member of LulzSec has claimed that Ryan Cleary, the man arrested and charged by the MET earlier this week, is not a member of the organisation.

Although concrete information on the subject is sparse, many believe that Cleary is indeed the mastermind behind LulzSec. Not so, an anonymous hacker named Topiary told

"What’s changed? Ryan isn’t part of LulzSec. No LulzSec arrests have been made. Our Twitter hasn’t even been suspended. The mass media are clueless and have spun ‘LulzSec leader’ out of their own asses, when there are no facts to support that Ryan is related to LulzSec."

Topiary also claimed that the group is not at all scared about possible prosecution from the authorities. Its work, he claims, is simply about exposing security flaws.

In fact, when the group recently published the personal details of some 62,000 people it was the public – not LulzSec itself – that did the damage.

"We didn’t touch them. The Twitter horde did," he argued, in reference the many gloats that followed the leak as people sued the information to successfully hack accounts across a range of services.

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