Luminosity’s DreamHack miracle and losing friends

On the opening day of DreamHack Winter, as countless Swedish teens dragged their PC behemoths into a dark, hangar-like complex in Jnkping, five Brazilians suffered the worst debut match imaginable. Having replaced two of their longstanding roster just two days before theFACEIT CS:GOfinals began, Luminosity Gaming faced home favouritesFnaticon Dust II, only to bite the dust in a brutal 16–0 loss.

"The first match we literally had no single map play with this line-up, so it was our very first beginning," saidGabriel ‘Fallen’ Toledo, captain of the team. "But I think it was good for us because as soon as we lost it, we just came back to the hotel and said ‘OK, guys, not like this, we need to start organising ourselves to get better results’ and that’s what we did."

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