Mad Catz to release Mojo Android console by the end of the year

Another Android console is heading to market later this year.

CVG reports that Mad Catz hopes to have its Mojo microconsole on sale in the UK before the end of the year. The SKU also includes a Bluetooth 360-like joypad that, incidentally, is compatible with Android phones.

One way in which it will differentiate itself from competition such as Ouya is that the machine runs stock Android, giving players access to the Google Play and Amazon stores rather than funnelling them through a controlled service.

It also means players will have access to their existing Android game libraries and should work with the likes of Netflix and LoveFilm.

This will also mean that users will be responsible for vetting compatibility with the joypad, of course. Mad Catz reckons it is working on a solution to that.

For what it’s worth the joypad has a mouse mode” that allows players to use an analogue stick like a mouse. USB mice can also be plugged into the console, as can most USB peripherals.

"We are totally open. No walled garden, no small selection of games, no subscription fees,” was the line given from Mad Catz PR man Alex Verrey. We bring the hardware, gamers bring the games. Buy games from where you want, when you want and how you want."

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