Mad Max game on the way

Another major film franchise is set to get the video games treatment: George Miller’s seminal action thriller Mad Max.

The movie, which was first released back in 1979 and starred Mel Gibson, is being converted by former SCEA developer Cory Barlog – best known for his work as producer on God of War II.

Speaking to Newsweek, Miller revealed:

Well, the first [collaboration with Barlog] will be a Mad Max game…

For many, many, many years–for as many years as I can remember, we’ve been asked to make games of the Mad Max story… But it always felt like what I used to call empty calorie action. It came across as though [gamers] went through the experience, but you came out the other end and you almost forgot it the next moment. It didn’t stay with you.

Then I realized at a certain point – maybe about three or four years ago that, ‘Wait a minute, the world of story telling – if you approach it from the point of view that this is all storytelling – is changing way, way rapidly’…

"People tend to become very, very rigid and they say, "Well, the only way to tell stories is in cinema. Or the only way to tell stories is on television. Or the only way to distribute the stories is to make big blockbusters or do small independent films," or whatever…

What I realised is that in this new digital age, the storytelling is the same. It’s just the means by which you tell the story that shifts.”

Miller confirmed that Mel Gibson would not be taking part in the project.

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