Madmind Studio cancels Agony Unrated, angering ‘fans’

Madmind Studio, the Polish outfit behind horror walkathon Agony, has announced that it is cancelling the unrated re-release of the horror title.

The developer took to Steam’s community forums to say that Agony Unrated, a version of the game promising more blood, gore, sex and genitals, is no longer on the agenda as the studio is currently "struggling with financial problems."

Madmind is cancelling the development of Agony Unrated "due to technical and legal reasons", however the developer has said that "part of the team will continue to support Agony on Steam and consoles by publishing new patches.", unsurprising as the game only launched last month, towards the end of May.

Angry people on the internet have responded, perhaps predictably, with the holy trinity of being an entitled consumer on the internet. "Fans" of the game are review bombing the title, threatening Madmind with legal action and demanding refunds.

Agony was funded on Kickstarter, bagging CA$ 182,642 to bring the game to life. However, it was met intense criticism at launch, holding an OpenCritic score of just 39 per cent. "Agony is in the bottom 2.3% of games scored on OpenCritic," claims the website.

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