Maguire: New PS3 can change attitudes

SCE UK boss Ray Maguire has told MCV that the introduction of the new entry level 40GB PS3 will silence the doubters and take the platform to ‘the next level’.

In the week that SCE UK introduced the new SKU at 299 and revealed that the 60GB console is to be phased out, boss Maguire (pictured) stressed that Sony’s strategy was the result of industry pressure, falling production costs, and a desire to boost installed base as the industry moves into peak period.

You’ve seen in the pages of MCV that most people want the price to come down – we have to take a more strategic view on when we do these things,” said Maguire. We’re always mindful of price and installed base, but we’re also mindful that we have a sustainable business.

We’ve been considering this since launch – this is all part of a very carefully thought-out plan.”

Maguire also hit out at the level of anti-Sony feeling on internet forums.

If the product was too expensive, of course they’re going to feel ‘anti’, but now I imagine there will be some changing of attitudes,” he said.

They don’t have sight of running the company and the financials involved. So they end up with internet information – and that is often based on a complete lack of understanding of the facts.”

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