Manchester Science Museum to host Power Up games expo

The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester will be welcoming 160 consoles this summer.

Games expo Power Up is heading to Manchester from August 11th to August 28th, with players able to enjoy 40 years of video games, from Pong and Pac Man to Minecraft and Mario.

Among the games on show at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry will also be Warner Bros’ Lego games, racing titles such as Micro Machines and Project Gotham Racing, fighting classics like Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Marvel vs Capcom 2, more recent hits such as Tekken 7 and Splatoon 2, and much more.

Tickets can be purchased from 5 on the event’s website, with additional workshops being organised as well. You can read the full programme here.

Power Up is currently at London’s Science Museum until August 7th and the venue has already announced that the games expo will be coming back in October 2017, by popular demand.”

It’s as much a social and technological history as it is a full-on bonanza of the greatest games ever made,” the official announcement said.

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Marie Dealessandri is MCV’s former senior staff writer. After testing the waters of the film industry in France and being a radio host and reporter in Canada, she settled for the games industry in London in 2015. She can be found (very) occasionally tweeting @mariedeal, usually on a loop about Baldur’s Gate, Hollow Knight and the Dead Cells soundtrack.

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