MARGIN MAKERS: Guide to Alien merchandise

One of the most iconic film series of all time, the Alien franchise has an equally storied video game past – with plenty of merch to boot.

MCV takes a look at the products coming outta the goddamn walls

Since its original release in 1979, the Alien franchise has remained a strong cultural stalwart. Originating with four blockbuster films and quickly diverging into novels, comic books, cross-overs (such as the Aliens vs Predator series) and 2012’s prequel Prometheus, the brand continues to provide countless opportunities for UK retail.

Of course, video games are just one of the many Alien spin-offs. Creative Assembly’s highly anticipated Alien: Isolation, was recently released on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, following plenty of positive coverage and hype.

Isolation directly follows the main storyline of Ridley Scott’s Alien and precedes that of James Cameron’s Aliens, focusing on the daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley, Amanda.

This close tie with the original film means that consumers are likely to be looking for products that throwback to the original series. With 2014 also marking the 35th anniversary of the franchise, there are many products available set to scratch the nostalgic itch of past and present Alien fans.

And Isolation is sure to scratch that itch, too. While the game is an original creation it draws heavily from the oppressive atmosphere of the original film.

The art team has done an incredible job of focusing in on that 1979 aesthetic,” Gary Napper, lead game designer at Creative Assembly, tells MCV.

We really wanted to recreate the feeling of the first film – but not moment-to-moment bits of the movie or characters or setting, but the feeling of being in a situation where you haven’t got everything you need and are up against the wall.

Taking that as the core experience allows us to create our own identity of the game. It has the feeling of the first film, but it is its own game.”

Alien Facehugger Plush

For those seeking a cuddle, this plush Facehugger – modelled to a 1:1 scale of the original movie creature – includes poseable ‘fingers’ to get a proper grip on the unloved. A companion plush Chestburster is also available, in case fans are still feeling a bit lonely.

SRP: 24.99

Manufacturer: Think Geek

Distributor: Think Geek

Contact: (+1) 888 433 5788

The Art Of Alien: Isolation

This art book features over 300 beautiful images and artwork from the upcoming survival horror game, including concept drawings by artist Bradley Wright. Both protagonist Amanda Ripley – daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley – and the iconic xenomorph also make an appearance, allowing players get a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the upcoming game.

SRP: 29.99

Manufacturer: Titan Books

Distributor: Littlehampton Book Services

Contact: 01903 828 500

Alien Head and EggsGlowing Travel Mug

Sci-fi fans can keep their hot and cold drinks at the right temperature in the vacuum of space with this mug.

SRP: 11.99

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Distributor: Kotobukiya


Alien: The Archive

Collecting artwork, storyboards and photography from the first four Alien films, this book provides a visual guide to the franchise.

SRP: 35

Manufacturer: Titan Books

Distributor: Littlehampton Book Services

Contact: 01903 828 500

Xenomorph Pop! Vinyl Figure

This tiny terror is ideal for the desks of wannabe Ripleys.

SRP: 11.99

Manufacturer: Funko

Distributor: Underground Toys


Aliens Omnibus Volume 1

The Alien movie universe is expanded by this series of graphic novels set after the first two films in the franchise.

SRP: 18.99

Manufacturer: Dark Horse

Distributor: Diamond Comic Distributors UK

Contact: 01928 531 760

Alien Minimates 35thAnniversary Box Set

This anniversary set includes two-inch recreations of Ripley, Kane, Parker and the xenomorph, as well as accessories.

SRP: 19.99

Manufacturer: Diamond Select Toys

Distributor: Diamond Select Toys


Alien – The Illustrated Story

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