Margin Makers: Guide to Hitman merchandise

When developer IO Interactive announced that Hitman was going episodic, it came as something of a surprise.

The studio then released six episodes between March and October last year, sending the deadly Agent 47 on missions in exotic locations such as Sapienza, Marrakesh and Bangkok. In the end, the Square Enix-published game found its audience and performed pretty well, leading to the release of a physical edition, hitting shelves on January 31st.

There was a lot of scepticism, which I think is very common when you’re doing something new,” creative director Christian Elverdam commented back in November. Part of the scepticism was, is this going to work? Are you going to be delayed? How does this even work for a game like this? And that kind of scepticism, I think we proved that we have a good way of doing it.”

Hitman: The Complete First Season will also support HDR and 4K resolutions, making it compatible with Sony’s PS4 Pro.

You can read more about Hitman’s episodic model and its physical release in this week’s MCV.

Hitman Complete Season 1 Steelbook Edition

The complete first season of this most recent Hitman title is releasing as a Steelbook edition only, with plenty of bonus content for fans to enjoy. There are, of course, all six parts of the episodic title and its prologue, plus three bonus missions, the game’s soundtrack, the Requiem Blood Money Pack (which gives access to exclusive in-game items for Agent 47), a documentary on the making of the project and more.

SRP: 44.99
Manufacturer: Square Enix
Distributor: Koch Media
Contact: 01256 385 200

Intrigue blazer

With its neat and elegant style, Hitman’s Agent 47 was an obvious pick for trendy apparel company Musterbrand. Part of the brand’s collection is the agent’s signature blazer. This version of the jacket features a high-quality print of Agent 47’s arsenal on the inside.

SRP: 114
Manufacturer: Musterbrand
Distributor: Musterbrand

Hitman: Absolution Play Arts Kai – Agent 47

Square Enix’s high-end figurines label Play Arts Kai is behind this Agent 47 figure, launched to celebrate the release of Hitman: Absolution back in 2012. It is still available and should satisfy any fan of the franchise, with its signature rifle and two silver ballers included. That title may be wildly different to this most recent release, but you have to admit that Mr 47 looks pretty slick here.

SRP: 39.99
Manufacturer: Play Arts Kai
Distributor: Square Enix
Contact: 020 8636 3000

Hitman Tie

The Agent 47 look wouldn’t be complete without his signature blood-red silk tie. This version launches alongside Hitman’s first season later this month.

SRP: 19.99
Manufacturer: Gaya Entertainment
Distributor: Gaming Merchandise UK

Hitman Symbol Mug

Even contract killers deserve coffee breaks, which is why this mug exists. It will hit shelves at the same time as the Steelbook edition of Hitman this January.

SRP: 11
Manufacturer: Gaya Entertainment
Distributor: Gaming Merchandise UK

Hitman: Damnation

Best-selling author Raymond Benson is behind this official Hitman novel, which takes place just before 2012’s Hitman: Absolution. This might be a good starting point for those who wish to learn more about the franchise after they’re done with the first season of Hitman launching in a few days.

SRP: 8.99
Manufacturer: Headline Publishing Group
Distributor: Headline Publishing Group
Contact: 020 7873 6000

Cypher Cufflinks

A proper gentleman should always wear cufflinks, whether he is a cold-blooded killer or not. And that’s why Musterbrand has Hitman-inspired cufflinks.

SRP: 24
Manufacturer: Musterbrand
Distributor: Musterbrand

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