Margin Makers: Merchandise preview for 2015’s biggest games

As this year draws to a close, MCV takes a look at the merchandise already hitting store shelves ahead of 2015’s biggest game releases

What a year 2014 has been for video games.

We’ve had two biggest-ever new IP launches – Watch Dogs in May, which was then topped in September by Destiny – both the PS4 and Xbox One consoles have continued to flourish, Nintendo’s Wii U has seen its two best-selling games to date (Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros) and Grand Theft Auto V became the new biggest-ever selling game in UK chart history.

This momentum looks set to continue throughout 2015, as promising new IP and blockbuster sequels pepper the year with opportunities to upsell merchandise and accessories.

The Christmas rush doesn’t let up in January, with Wii U receiving puzzler spin-off Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker on January 2nd (or perhaps even earlier).

Grand Theft Auto V will then further extend its lead as the UK’s new biggest game, hitting PC in late January.

Mere days after this, two highly anticipated titles are sure to heat up UK retail; zombies-meet-parkour game Dying Light releases on January 30th, with co-op monster-shooter Evolve following shortly after on February 10th.

Players will have just ten days before another long-anticipated title breaks onto UK shores – Sony’s PS4-exclusive Victorian cover shooter The Order 1886.

And in May, the third and final part of fantasy monster hunter Geralt’s story closes out on PS4, Xbox One and PC in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

This is just the first sixth of the year – with titles like Battlefield Hardline, Bloodborne, Mortal Kombat X, Batman: Arkham Knight, Uncharted 4, Star Fox, Zelda Wii U, Halo 5: Guardians, No Man’s Sky and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain just a handful of the many titles primed for players’ screens, 2015 could be one of the biggest years for video games yet.

Batman: Arkham Knight Leather Jacket

Budding caped crusaders can battle the forces of injustice in style thanks to this zipped leather top. Stylised with the iconic bat symbol and reminiscent of Batman’s outfit in the Dark Knight movie trilogy, it’s the jacket that fans both deserve, and need, right now.

SRP: 79.99

Manufacturer: Bioworld Merchandising

Distributor: Bioworld Europe

Contact: +31 251 316 238

The Legend of Zelda Monopoly

Players awaiting Link’s new adventures on Wii U and 3DS can keep busy until then with this themed take on the classic board game. Replacing Monopoly staples like Old Kent Road, Mayfair and Marylebone Station are Hyrulian locations including Link’s House, Temple of Time and Lon Lon Ranch. The Bow, Hookshot, Boomerang, Slingshot, Triforce and Hylian Shield serve as player pieces.

SRP: 39.99

Manufacturer: Winning Moves

Distributor: Winning Moves

Contact: 01706 558 539

Battlefield Hardline StampLong Sleeve T-Shirt

EA’s cops versus robbers FPS lands in March. Players on either side of the battle can show their love with this shirt.

SRP: 22.74

Manufacturer: Jinx

Distributor: Gaming Merchandise UK


Evolve Savage GoliathPremier Scale Statue

Players will team up to take down monsterous beasts – including this terrifying Goliath – in 2K’s co-op shooter early next year.

SRP: 525

Manufacturer: Project TriForce

Distributor: Project TriForce


Bloodborne NightStreet T-Shirt

The spiritual successor to Dark Souls arrives early next year. This shirt provides a sneak peek into the bleak world of Yharnam.


Manufacturer: Gaya Entertainment

Distributor: Gaming Merchandise UK


XOF Patches

Snake will face off against this mysterious organisation in 2015’s stealth title Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

SRP: 10 (Three Patches)

Manufacturer: Insert Coin

Distributor: Insert Coin

Contact: 01702 521 850

Master Chief withCloak Figure

Halo’s hero Master Chief appears here as seen in the teaser trailer for next year’s juggernaut sci-fi shooter, Halo 5: Guardians.

SRP: 14.99

Manufacturer: Jinx

Distributor: Gaming Merchandise UK


Mortal Kombat FinishHim Poster

Fighting fans can prepare for the tenth entry in the bloodthirsty series with this poster featuring series staple Scorpion.

SRP: 4.99

Manufacturer: GB Eye

Distributor: GB Eye

Contact: 0845 002 0381

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