Mario and Sonic hits five million milestone

has revealed that current chart topper Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games has sold five million copies worldwide – but Sega of America COO and president Simon Jeffery has said that Sega won’t be rushing into another Mario and Sonic title.

"Getting Mario and Sonic together in the first place took so long, every decade, to make that happen," he told next-gen. "So I think rushing into any other collaboration is not going to happen. It’s going to be fairly calculated."

Hitting five million since its launch pre-Christmas is quite an achievement for Sega – but there’s more to come as the hype for the Olympic games builds, adds Jeffery. "There have only been three months so far and the Olympics themselves are another four months away. We’re expecting to sell quite a few million more globally, hopefully between now and the end of this year."

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