Mass Effect 3 cannot import saves from the cloud

EA has revealed that Xbox 360 users who utilise Microsoft’s Xbox Live Cloud save system may face issues importing their Mass Effect 2 save data into Mass Effect 3.

BioWare’s RPG series is particularly notable for the fact that it allows users to import save data from previous games, meaning that the look of their characters, the decisions made throughout the story and the death of key characters is consistent across the trilogy.

However, any users who have saved their ME2 data to the cloud and no longer have access to the console on which the save was originally made are faced with the prospect of losing all their progress to date.

We are currently aware of an issue that may prevent Xbox 360 users from importing their completed Mass Effect 2 save game files into Mass Effect 3,” an EA statement read.

While Mass Effect 3 supports cloud saving for new or successfully imported Mass Effect 2 saves, it does not support the importation of endgame saves directly from the cloud. Additionally, this can cause it to not recognize save files that have been transferred via cloud to a console other than the one where they originated.

We understand this may be a great setback to those impacted who have been following the Mass Effect franchise over the years. We thank you for your patience.”

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