Mass Effect Remaster hopes dashed once again

The on-off dreams of a remastered version of the Mass Effect trilogy appear very much to be again turned to off.

"We’re a company that is focused on delivering for the future," EA COO Peter Moore has now told IGN, as reported by PCGamesN. "We’ve got incredibly talented dev studios around the world who are focused on delivering new IP, new experiences, [and] more and more live services.

"Is there demand? Yes, there’s thousands of people who want it. Our blinders are on and [we are] looking towards the future. We’re a 34-year-old company that has thousands of pieces of IP around the world. If you allow yourself to take the easy road – not to diss remastering great franchises – but there are so many opportunities for us to have people go to something else.

"Do we have teams lying around that are doing nothing right now that [can go and make remasters]? No we don’t. We want to focus on the future and delivering new IP and new experiences. There’s easy money to be made all over this industry, but the real focus should be on being player-first and focused on delivering new IP and new experiences and that’s where our real focus is."

Moore has been consistent in this messaging, saying much the same last October. However, more recently EA Studios executive VP Patrick Soderlund had appeared to offer some hope, saying that EA’s attitude to remasters had changed thanks to the proven success other remakes had enjoyed.

Indeed, BioWare itself admitted to discussing the idea internally as far back as 2014.

Will it ever happen? It’s hard to say, but Moore certainly didn’t seem to leave much wriggle room in his comments.

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