Mass Effect Trilogy includes some – but not all – DLC

EA and BioWare’s Mass Effect Trilogy will be selective in the DLC it includes in the box.

The Xbox 360 SKU won’t include any of the ME1 DLC but does offer access to the Cerberus Network included in ME2 and ME3’s Online Pass. But all additional DLC for ME2 and ME3 will have to be purchased separately.

The PC version adds in ME1’s Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station downloads on the disc, plus all the extras originally thrown in with Cerberus access – access to Zaeed, plus additional missions and weapons.

We’re yet to discover what will be included in the PS3 release.

In addition, the game’s release date has been altered with the Xbox 360 and PC SKUs now due out on November 6th in the US, suggesting a November 9th release in the UK. The PS3 version is now TBA.

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